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Stud services are available to approved females only.  Feel free to contact us by phone or email to see if Wally will be a good fit for your goals.



AKC Standard Poodle


Stud Fee: $1500

Wally has a wonderful laid back personality.  He has repeatedly produced many calm natured puppies.  He is a very loving boy and is a joy to have around.  He is a confident dog and is a very motivated stud.  We are so proud to have him father so many "Wallydoodles!"

Wally is unique because he has a +/-  coat which is rare in purebred poodles.  Because of this he is a great stud for doodles for those trying to achieve a wavy or straight (not flat) coat.  Wally also throws tuxedos even in "ss" females.  Although white markings occur in both male and female pups sired by Wally, the boys tend to be flashier. Wally is intense red through Embark at a 9/10 but has faded with age. Look on our previous litters page to see previous pups sired by Wally.

Traits and Testing:

55 lbs

ee, kbkb, atat, Bb, ssp

FF and +/- Coat

Tested for weak furnishings through Paw Print Genetics and came back strong.

Intense Red: 9/10

Embark: Clear

Pennhip: .43 (Better than breed average)

OFA Cardiac: Normal/Clear

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