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Generations Explained

  • F1 Doodles:  An F1 generation is 50/50 Golden Retriever or Australian Shepherd and Poodle.  This is where one parent is full poodle, and the other parent is full golden retriever or australian shepherd.

  • F1b Doodles: The F1b generation means that one parent was an F1 goldendoodle/aussiedoodle and the other was a poodle.  This creates a dog that is 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever or australian shepherd. 

  • Multigenerational Doodles: The multigenerational generation just means that both parents were Doodles, with at least one of the parents being an F1b or multigen. A poodle or a golden retriever or australian shepherd bred to a multigen, also constitutes a multigen. 

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