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Aussiedoodles are known for being affectionate, and their intelligence.  They are highly trainable, gentle, and love their people.  This makes them the perfect family pet! Aussiedoodles are a great fit for active individuals or families.  They do best with training to stimulate those smarts, and adequate exercise. They are bright, friendly dogs with low to non shedding coats. 


We raise puppies from health tested parents and offer a 2 year health guarantee.  We make this a family business, which means our puppies get lots of socialization and playtime with us and our kids.  This is so important for your puppy's early development.  Your puppy will receive a variety of exercises, training sessions, and enrichment.  They are part of our family before they are part of yours.  We want our pups to have a well-rounded exposure to what it's like in a family.  That means children, other animals, loud noises etc.

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