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Click on the button below to fill out our puppy application.


If you are ready to reserve a puppy, pay the deposit by clicking the link below. You are not required to pay the deposit at this time, however the DEPOSIT is what holds your place in line, not the application.


The breeder will contact you to set up a phone call to answer any questions you may have and learn more about your home.


Choose what waiting list you would like to be added to.


Waiting Lists, Deposits, and How it all Works

Once your application has been approved you will have the option of choosing which list to be on.  Our current lists include Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles.  You will choose your puppy in the order that you are on the waiting list.  Once a litter has arrived we will contact each person on the corresponding waiting list beginning at the top.  If you are ready for your puppy, you may choose at that time, however if you are not ready, or would prefer another litter, you may pass and wait for the next litter.  Should you pass, I will go on to the next person on the list.


We always reserve first 1 or 2 picks of each litter for the Breeder as we are watching for that special pup to add to our program. We may or may not use those picks. 

A $200 non-refundable deposit will be required to be added to the waiting list. The deposit is what holds your place in line, NOT the application. You have the option of being placed on multiple waiting lists. A deposit is required for each spot on the waiting list. If you application is later denied, the deposit will be immediately refunded.  The deposit(s) will be deducted from the purchase price of your puppy. The remainder of the price will be due upon receiving your puppy.

We reserve the right to deny any puppy application. Should your application be denied, we will immediately refund your deposit. 

What's Included:

Each of our puppies come from health tested parents, and come with a 2 year health guarantee. Your puppy has been raised using a variety of exercises to give them a great foundation for health and training.  We raise all of our puppies with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation), clicker training, crate training, and problem solving exercises.  They have been exposed to children, other animals, loud noises, and a variety of textures, toys, and obstacles.

We will send you home with a puppy pack that includes food, toy, training clicker, and other resources.  Your puppy with also come with 1 month free pet insurance through Trupanion. Your puppy will have their first round of vaccines, health certificate from a veterinarian, and 3 to 4 de-wormings.  You also have access to lifetime breeder support should you have any questions or concerns.

Puppy Picks:

All of our puppy picks are done virtually through video, photo, or video call upon request.  We do not allow in person puppy picks.  Between 6 and 7 weeks old, we will post videos describing the puppies and allowing you to see them interact with me and with each other.  We feel this gives you the most accurate representation of their unique personalities as opposed to puppy visits.  Meeting them in person often changes their behavior and surroundings and makes it difficult to assess them.

We schedule puppy pick day after there has been adequate time to review the videos.   That is a VERY exciting day! I will call each wait lister in the order they are on the waiting list and discuss the puppies that you have narrowed it down to.  Once you choose your puppy, I will update the website in real time.  It's very exciting to watch the website throughout the day in anticipation of which puppies are getting chosen as you wait on your turn.  This process usually takes the whole day and sometimes may run over into a second day if needed when working with everyone's schedules.

Pickup or Delivery

Your puppy will be ready to pick up at approximately 8 weeks of age.  We allow a 3 day grace period for you to make arrangements, before incurring boarding fees.

You may also explore the option of having your puppy delivered.  There are several third party companies that will drive your puppy to your door.  We can provide a quote from one of these services should you request one.  There are also third party services that will fly your puppy in the cabin of the plane to a nearby airport.


Each litter is priced based on a variety of factors and will be announced with each pairing. For examples, check out our current or upcoming litters.

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