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Waiting Lists, Deposits, and How it all Works

Once your application has been approved you will have the option of choosing which list to be on.  Our current lists include F1 or F1b / Multigenerational Standard Goldendoodles.  You will choose your puppy in the order that you are on the waiting list.  Once a litter has arrived we will contact each person on the corresponding waiting list beginning at the top.  If you are ready for your puppy, you may choose at that time, however if you are not ready, or would prefer another litter, you may pass and wait for the next litter.  Should you pass, I will go on to the next person on the list.

A $200 non-refundable deposit will be required to be added to the waiting list. The deposit will be deducted from the purchase price of your puppy. The remainder of the price will be due upon receiving your puppy.



  • F1 Standard Goldendoodles ( >35lbs) $2250

Our F1 Standard Goldendoodles range from 45-65lbs. We can estimate the size more precisely based on the specific breeding pair.  An F1 generation is 50/50 Golden Retriever and Poodle.  We use golden retrievers for our moms, and poodles for our dads. 

  • F1b Standard Goldendoodles ( >35lbs) $2250

The F1b generation means that one parent was an F1 goldendoodle and the other was a poodle.  This creates a dog that is 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever.  ​If you are looking for a goldendoodle with a more curly coat, this may be a good choice for you.  They are also less likely to shed and irritate allergies.

  • Multigenerational Standard Goldendoodles (>35lbs) $2250

 The multigenerational generation just means that both parents were goldendoodles, with one of the parents being an F1b or multigen.  Unable to determine percentages of poodle and golden retriever in the offspring without a genetic test.


What's Included:

Each of our puppies come from health tested parents, and come with a 1 year health guarantee. We will send you home with a puppy pack that includes food, toy, training clicker, and LOTS of info on how to care for your new puppy. Your puppy with also come with 1 month free pet insurance, as well as food coupon.  Since Puppy Culture is SO important to the development of your puppy from 3-12 weeks of age, we also send home the DVD in your puppy pack so that you cannot only see what we have done with your puppy since 3 days of age, but also what you can continue to work on should you choose to. Your puppy will have first round of vaccines, health certificate from a veterinarian, and 3 to 4 de-wormings.  You also have access to lifetime breeder support should you have any questions or concerns.


Pickup or Delivery

Your puppy will be ready to pick up at approximately 8 weeks of age.  We allow a 2 day grace period for you to make arrangements, before incurring boarding fees.

You may also explore the option of having your puppy delivered.  There are several third party companies that will drive your puppy to your door.  We can provide a quote from one of these services should you request one.  There are also third party services that will fly your puppy in the cabin of the plain to a nearby airport.


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