All of our breeding dogs are health tested prior to being approved for our program.  They are genetically tested, and we have posted the links with results should you desire to look them over yourself.  It's important that we produce not only beautiful puppies, but ones that will live long healthy lives as well!

We love providing the very best for our dogs, and we are proud to say that with the help of our Guardian program we are kennel free!  All of our breeding dogs are living their best life as family pets.



Available for Stud Service

Parker is our red toy poodle, and first dog in our breeding program! We just adore Parker for his sweet nature.



Finn is a toy poodle that is a dark apricot tuxedo.  He is CKC registered and his colors are a rare find! He is 10lbs, and we can't wait to see what his puppies will look like!



Wally is an AKC Standard Poodle.  He is extremely calm, and smart.  We look forward to some gorgeous pups from him in the future!



Katie is a total cuddle bug! She is a red Golden Retriever, very gentle and great with kids.  She is an experienced Momma, and does a great job raising her pups!



Arya is an AKC registered Golden Retriever. She loves to fetch, go swimming, and cuddle.



Nike is a 3yr old AKC registered golden retriever.  We were so excited to find her, and absolutely love her dark red color. She has such a loving personality, and are blessed to have her traits passed on to our pups!  She has been health tested through Embark and is genetically clear.  Her OFA testing showed that her hips, elbows, and heart looked good.




Freya is an AKC registered golden retriever.  She is 2 years old, and super sweet! She is full grown but still acts like a puppy, and is a joy to work with.




Bella is an AKC registered golden retriever.  She is 2 years old, and is our goofy sweet girl. Her favorite thing to do is bite the water coming from the hose.




Ella is an F1 Goldendoodle.  She is a parti carrier, which means her babies may have white markings.


Future Stud

Murphy is a multi-generational male standard goldendoodle. He is our first chocolate dog to add to our breeding program, and should carry a variety of colors.  We can't wait to see what his puppies will be in 2021!




Daisy is an F1b goldendoodle.  She has a beautiful coat and pretty red lines.  We are excited to see her first litter this year in 2020.


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