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golden labradoodle puppy for sale in north carolina

Golden Labradoodle Puppies

We are excited to announce our current litter from Layla.  We had a different stud planned for Layla, but she had other plans.  Dogs will be dogs!  Fortunately, we were able to use a DNA test on one of the puppies to determine the breed of the father.  He was a Labrador retriever, which means we have... Golden Labradoodles!  What a great combination!


Labrador Retrievers are known for trainability, poodles for intelligence, and the golden retriever for friendliness.  These pups are going to be WONDERFUL family pets! Please see our FAQ section at the bottom of the page for more info on this litter and what our expectations are.

Lab Silouette.jpg

Golden Labradoodles - Layla and Unknown Lab 

(F1 Goldendoodle x Labrador Retriever)

Estimated Percentages: 50% Labrador, 25% Golden Retriever and 25% Poodle

Born: Jan 21, 2024

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Colors: Cream with Some White Markings

Coat Type: Furnished Wire Coats or Flat Coats

Estimated Weight: Over 50 lbs

Price: $500 (Deposit to reserve $100 rather than the usual $200)


What is different about this litter than your planned litters?

Coat Type: We carefully choose the pairings of our planned litters for coat type as well as health.  To achieve the "doodle" look, it's important to do so where each puppy will receive at least one copy of the furnishings gene.  This is expressed in the typical beard and eyebrow hair you see in doodles as well as the wave in the coat.  The furnishings gene also plays a part in reduced shedding.  Since labrador retrievers do not carry the furnishings gene, and Layla only carries one copy, that means some puppies in this litter will have what is called a flat coat. In those puppies you will be unlikely to see a beard or heavy wave to the coat, and they will likely shed more.  In addition, labradors also have a short hair length.  How this will present when mixed with Layla's coat type is unknown.  We expect to see a wire coat similar in F1 (first generation) labradoodles as well as flat coats and moderate shedding.

Health testing:  Thankfully, we have determined that these puppies are genetically sound by parentage.  We have confirmed the possibilities with our geneticist and are happy to report Layla and her suitor were in fact compatible genetically.


In a planned litter, we health test both parents to make sure they are compatible genetically.  We also test hips for signs of hip dysplasia as well as a thorough examination by a veterinarian and annual bloodwork.  In this case, although those things are all true for Layla, we have no health testing on the father.  

We are however going to provide our typical health guarantee to this litter.  It is the same guarantee we offer to our planned litters and covers up to the price of the puppy.

Price: Since there are some unknowable factors, we have priced this litter to reflect as  such.  That means you have the opportunity to purchase one of our puppies that was raised with curriculum from Puppy Culture, clicker trained, and started on crate training, at a substantially lower price! 

How do you know who the father is?

Upon the realization that the father was not the intended stud, we sent a DNA sample off to the lab to be analyzed.  We collected a sample from one of the ten puppies in the litter.  The results are pictured below and reflect that the father was a labrador retriever.  Although there are situations where a female can breed with multiple studs and produce a dual sired litter, all ten puppies look very similar.  We feel comfortable testing only one puppy, but we cannot guarantee that each puppy would test the same.

Laylas Blue Embark.jpg

Do Golden Labradoodles Make Good Family Pets?

Through our research online, we are finding that golden labradoodles are intelligent family friendly dogs.  All three represented breeds (golden retriever, poodle, and labrador) are good with kids, and enjoy being part of the family.  Labrador Retrievers are known for trainability, poodles for intelligence, and the golden retriever for friendliness.  These pups are going to be WONDERFUL family pets!  They need regular exercise and do well with training and mental stimulation. 


How is this litter the same as your planned litters?

We are raising these puppies with the same tried and true methods we raise all of our litters! That means they get daily interation with our family and will go through the same training exercises as our other litters.  That means they got ENS (early neurological stimulation), and will go through our exercises from the Puppy Culture program including problem solving exercises, clicker training, crate training, resource guarding prevention, and more!

They will also see our regular veterinarian for a full exam, first puppy shots, and parasite testing.  

Health Guarantee: This litter will also come with our standard 2 year health guarantee! Although we don't have health testing on the unknown father, we still want to include this in your purchase for your peace of mind.  Our guarantee will cover the purchase price of your puppy.

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